“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow Flakes in the Air...

Looking out my window today, I saw snow flakes. They weren't exactly falling, they were floating mid-air. There were just a few of the little flakes and the wind was bouncing them around, tossing them like a ball back and forth to an invisible hand. They must have melted as soon has they finally made it to the ground, or maybe they just vanished on their descent. It is so dry here they may have just evaporated into thin air! Whatever, they are gone, but it was just another nudge by Mother Nature letting me know that winter indeed is on it's way. With that said, let's have one last look at a few plants in my garden before they disappear below the heavy snow which will be here any day now.

fothergilla shrub

hardy geraniums

This variety turns red with colder temperatures.


  1. Wow, that sounds so beautiful. I never really see snow unless I go up into the mountains. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures :) Autumn is so great.

  2. Yes the same here.I can only envy people that have snow in the winter.I remember it so well from my childhood.Fun:)

  3. as someone who grew up in Buffalo NY, don't envy those with snow. It's not as much fun as it looks. lol. I admit, that the first snow fall is always pretty, and the nighttime snow, big, light, and sparkly. But then after 10 feet and 5 months, no so much. That's why I moved south. hahaha
    - ourhometoyours

  4. I'm sure the snow was a magical sight. I look forward to seeing some wonderful shots of snow in the future. Your autumn pics are mother nature at her best.

  5. Thank you for the last visit to your garden. Stay warm!

  6. You still have a lot of pretty fall colors. We do too but like your area soon the snow will cover everything. I guess we will enjoy it while we can.

  7. The geranium leaves really are beautiful. I have some of the hardy variety growing in my garden too.


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