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Friday, November 4, 2011

Retro Vintage Santa's Workshop

The days are flying by and soon it will be Christmas day...humming holiday tune...

I know you're saying "Wait, we haven't even gotten through all the Halloween candy yet!" Yes, yes I know, but really though we do need to start thinking about Christmas and I want to start with a little retro fun item.

Now while I am old enough to remember paper dolls and the punch out paper doll kits that were around, I was never fortunate enough to ever see one of these when I was a kid. I would have been over the moon if I had ever received something like this under the tree! These are pretty rare, and to find one that had not been touched, even more so. Here it is!!

Santa's Workshop to push out and put together! With Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, his helpers and reindeer, furniture, toys to make and dolls to dress. These books were a welcome treat in homes of the late 50's and early 60's. Children could spend hours punching out and playing with these charming paper doll/house kits. It is from Whitman Publishing Company Racine Wisconsin, 1960.

This book is in excellent condition, the pieces have never been punched out! The book is a tri-fold with pockets to store the pieces. The book opens up and there are pieces to attach that make it into a 3-D winter wonderland of  Santa's Workshop. As you see from the photos there are many figures and pieces for furniture and even curtains for the windows! I have not seen an original of this for sale anywhere else, so I feel it is pretty rare.

 If you love the retro look of these images, just think how cute they would look put together and displayed up on a  bookshelf or mantel! This would make a wonderful addition to your holiday decor. Add a little faux snow, mini twinkle lights and your scene will be complete.

Just an update, this cute vintage playbook sold to a collector.

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  1. Love it....I so played with paper dolls,great book this is!

  2. This would be fun to make.This is I think from teh time when Xmas was not only about presents(Well not as big and many as now):)
    Love it

  3. That is a great book! And in amazing shape. What a find!!

    Have a great day.

  4. Sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello - Kylie from Lucy Violet Vintage gave me a link to your blog as she knew I would enjoy this post. I didn't have this Santa Set but I did have 2 others that were very similar - one was a circus and the other a 'modern house' - both from the early 60's. I just loved them! Thanks for re-kindling the memory - Sharon

  6. That is a great find. I would have loved to have found one of those under the Christmas tree when I was a child.

  7. I used to love playing with paper dolls as a child...


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