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Robert Frost

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Christmas Angels

I love Christmas and I love Christmas Angels.

One of my most favorite things about Christmas, are all of the gorgeous images that appear at this time of year. They are everywhere, on cards, gift wrap, candles, dishes, towels and anyplace else you can imagine. I think I love the angels most of all, because of their beauty and the amazing ways artists have imagined how their likeness should appear to us, since most of us probably haven't seen an angel close up. If we did, I would guess they don't sport ten foot wings, so maybe we didn't even know they were angels. Today let's take a look at just a few of these lovely winged creations.

From the art work we see, I guess most angels must be female. Maybe the artists thought the male angels were busy with other things. The female angels seem to be, well, angelic, always doing some helpful deed, like bringing a tree or presents. They are shown taking care of children and animals. Often they are singing or playing music or just holding a candle to light the way. The angels are our link to the mysterious other side. The place of joy and happiness, a place where anything is possible. In the image below the angel has a tree and presents for someone, a pretty little deer is helping out. I guess Santa was not available so she is filling in. How beautiful she looks, peeking in the window, making sure no one notices her or her companion.

At Christmas they are the reminder of why we celebrate in the first place. The angels were the messengers for all involved in the Christmas story. Angels help to guide us still. The angels you see here have never really existed except in the artist and our imaginations but that does not mean angels aren't real, in fact most people believe in them. So if your angel is short or tall, winged or not, male or female, it doesn't really matter because they are there for you. So if you have an angel, I think you are very lucky. Thank you to all the angels that may have passed through my life when I was unaware of them. Maybe one day I will get to thank them in person. In the mean time I will continue to admire the beauty of these angel images as well as the many others I have and I will occasionally share them with all of you too.

I would love to have an angel help by bringing me a fully decorated tree complete with ornaments and candles. She effortlessly flies through the air, not a hair out of place. Oh, what am I saying! What fun would that be, part of Christmas is decorating the tree yourself with family.

More darling little angels with some lovely candles.

Angels as messengers, telling the shepherds about the birth of Jesus.

Sweet little Angels, sending us greetings.

Tell me your thoughts about angels.


  1. Lovely images - I love angels, too. xo

  2. These are lovely - I especially love the group of little angels with their candles. I can remember a painting an aunt of mine had when I was very young of a guardian angel watching over two children (a boy and a girl) reaching out to pick flowers for their mother at the top of a cataract or small waterfall. It made a big impression on me - I wonder if anyone else remembers it?

  3. I remember that painting, of the 2 children. My step-daughter had one similar, but the children were crossing a bridge. These pictures of angels are pretty, but I prefer my guardian angel to be like they are described in the bible. Giants, strong, and men (the named angels were all male), except for the seraphim around the throne of God.
    - ourhometoyours

  4. Angels are a part of life. As a child I was told if I crossed my arms over my chest whilst I was sleeping my guardian angel would look over me. I'm sure it works. TFS a lovely post.

  5. This is a beautiful post, to read and look at.
    I have the picture Sharon and Debbi refer to...I've posted it somewhere on my blog, one day I'll send you the link so that you can have a look.

  6. Thank you Kylie. I would love to see if it is the picture I am thinking of. ~ Diane

  7. Yay..so beautiful..what a magical array of gorgeous angels..such sparkling beings of light! Love all the imagery...very dazzling and inspiring! Thankyou friend!

  8. Angels are beloved all around the world! Beautiful post, must borrow one of these for my blog. Thanks friend!

  9. Also love your blog design and the snow!


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