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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage Travel Souvenirs and Church Lady Cookbooks

Cookbooks and travel souvenirs are some of the latest vintage finds that I have listed at my Etsy shop. Take a look of some of these whimsical and interesting items. These are some really nice pieces if you are looking for woodsy cabin themed items.

Wisconsin Souvenir Cream & Sugar Set

This is a really fun vintage sugar and creamer set that is advertising the beautiful state of Wisconsin. It has a deer and fish on the front surrounded by maple leaves. On the back of each container is a Native American Indian Chief. The lettering and handles are done in a stylized rope decoration. These are not marked, but from my research I believe they were made in Japan and are from the 60's. I think they have a very fall/cabin theme look about them. I just love the warm brown glaze. They are sitting on one of my own vintage tablecloths which is a brick and ivy pattern from the 50's.

A Woodsy Theme with Scandinavian Recipes
Linoleum Block Print

This cookbook is by the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Women of Grand Marais, Minnesota. Not only does this cookbook contain wonderful recipes, it is also a work of art. The title of the book is North Shore Cookery. This softcover book was published in 1970 with 47 pages. It includes six pages of linoleum block print images by John A. Spelman III.

Born in 1912, Minnesota artist John Adams Spelman III was known for linoleum-block prints. Spelman attended Black Mountain College in 1936, the Farm School at Swannanoa (Warren Wilson College) and Pine Mountain Settlement School in Kentucky. In 1939 Spelman published a collection of linoleum prints about rural Appalachia called “At Home in the Hills: A Cross Section of Harlan County, Kentucky.” Spelman also illustrated the book “The Kentucky” for Thomas D. Clark in 1942.

Here are a few of the recipes titles:
Buttermilk Soup
Krom Kage
Scalloped Herring
Mutton Roll
Swedish Potato Sausage

This particular cookbook has incredible recipes, artwork and wonderful poetry and sayings. The one below does not include the author's name. It heads up the chapter on Breads.

"A slice of bread with butter on't
May feed a King;
A biscuit with a crust upon't
Is comforting;
The every day necessities no doubt,
Are those which none of us
Can do without."

Do any of these items bring back memories for you? Some of them do for me and some I just find to be so much fun to learn about. I enjoy so many of the older items because it is a fascinating step back into history.

Update: This cookbook sold, but check my store for more items.

Have a great day ~ Diane

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