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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party, Food & Fun...

..... And big ones too!

 Still not inspired for a big (or little) Halloween party? Grab some pumpkins, candles and some sticks from your back yard. Add some twinkle lights and voila, your home is magically transformed.

Well maybe it's not that easy, but with a few decorations, one great cocktail and some basic food you can have a fun and fantastic Halloween party! Here are a few ideas for you...

First of all...

Set the mood by adding something nice to your front entry.

 2 Hearts

No time to carve pumpkins? Simply arrange a few around the entry. Add battery powered candles if you feel uncomfortable with open flames.

Nice soft lighting makes your guests feel at ease.

Start with a fabulous cocktail!
Halloween Sunset cocktail recipe

How about a couple of appetizers? Yum!

A simple pumpkin cheese ball is always a hit.

Here is an example of a wonderful table set up for a party.

Halloween Dessert Buffet

Need more food ideas? Here you go.
Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Chicken Bites

You look stressed. Try this cocktail. It's called a Harvest Moon. Feel better now? Delicious!

Some yummy treats!

Caramel Apple Recipe

This candy arrangement makes a great 
centerpiece that you can eat.

Halloween Candy Kabobs

Hint: Add a few drops of canola oil to a paper towel and lightly rub the bamboo skewer before sliding the candy on. It makes things much easier. Arrange in a large vase or pitcher.


A cup of warm cider sends your guests 
off feeling all warm and toasty!

272/365 - cider with cinnamon

Coffee after a party is the universal sign of
  "Thanks for coming and good night".

coffee curl

Make sure you have some ready to go about a 
half hour before you would like your party to end.  For more fun Halloween images and ideas visit my board below.

Hope you have a Spooktacular Party!

Update: Due to changes in Pinterest most images have been replaced with a link to my Halloween pinboard or removed. ~ Diane


  1. What wonderful party ideas! Thank you so much for sharing... I'm pinning some of your ideas too. ":o)

  2. Happy Halloween! We live far enough outside town that we don't get trick-or-treaters. But we are going to a party this weekend. Nice shots, you've got me in the mood, and I want one of those Harvest Moons.

  3. Thanks for visiting Geneva! And Al, about that Harvest Moon cocktail, I'm having one right now! Cheers! (not really, but I will)...Happy Halloween

  4. Great party ideas. Happy to celebrate with you. Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's. Please come and visit again. See you on Pinterest!

  5. Delicious eye candy! The bacon bites! YUM!

  6. What wonderful pins - I am now following you on Pinterest. And my tummy is growling for those caramel apples. Happy Halloween!!

  7. Everything should start "with a nice cocktail"! Love these images!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  8. Wow! Such super party ideas. All the food looks so delicious. It's going to be a great Halloween at your house!

  9. Amazing. What a lovely inspiring post!


  10. Great ideas. Happy Halloween to you.

  11. That harvest moon cocktail looks awesome Happy Halloween!


  12. The Harvest moon cocktail is gorgeous. Maybe next year I will fee like celebrating and get into it again. Love your taste in suggestions BTW.
    Holly :)


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