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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black Cat Awareness Day - October 27

 Black Cats Iced Cookies

This time of year you can barely go anywhere without seeing the image of a black cat.  We love to decorate with black cats. We dress up our kid's as black cats and send them trick or treating. We make cupcakes and pumpkins that look like black cats. But when it come to adoption from the animal shelter the black cat's are often overlooked. In fact all black animals, even dogs, have a difficult time finding homes.

With cats, it may be based on the old superstition or people just don't think that a black cat is colorful enough for them. The truth is that a black cat is just as beautiful and loveable as any other color cat. Each cat has it's own personality and there is no reason why you shouldn't have a black one.  Black cat's are not evil or mean or unlucky. The fact that these animals are passed over is such a shame.

Black cat's can be wonderful pets. I know from experience. My black cat picked me to be his owner, he showed up on our doorstep one day and never left! Cocoa was a darling bundle of black fur and one of the happiest and most playful cat's I have ever known. He remained that way almost to the end. Even when suffering from acute kidney disease, he still had that spark that I will never forget. I have to say that I was a very lucky person to have such a joyful friend for eighteen years.

Keep in mind that most animal shelters do not allow adoption of a black cat until after Halloween. If adopting a cat or dog is somewhere in your future, please consider adopting a black one. Watch the video below put out by www.cats.org.uk/black-cats and share it with your friends.

Click the link for more information about celebrities  involved in helping black cats.

 T i t l e : "Sadie Sunbathing" A r t i s t : Rachel Parker 

The beautiful photos below are from the Flickr group Black Cat Awareness.


The Little Dictator

2004-2011 Mi

Black cat celebration-8


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This post is dedicated in memory of my very own black cat.

"Cocoa" 1991 - 2009


  1. Thanks for this post, we just had to put down our very much loved black cat Diesel, he was only 8 years old.

    I am glad that we had our black cat but we did adopt two more cats they are not black only due to our wanting a different color because we did not want a cat that looked anything like our boy who died...

  2. I understand Sweetybird,my sympathy goes out for your loss. When we adopted again, we chose a black and white tuxedo short hair. I too, couldn't bare to adopt a fluffy black cat at that time. However, over two years later, I do long for the feel and look of a beautiful black cat. Someday one will find me!

  3. Wow..what a super beautiful post and tribute to your gorgeous cat(hugs) and all balck cats...i adore them..they are enchanting creatures with beautiful souls! Thanks for these awsesome photos and all!

  4. Black Cat awareness day is on my Birthday!! Yay! and I have 2 black cats ~Alicia♥

  5. Great pics and beuatiful cats.The cookies look amazing:)

  6. Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for highlighting my work on black cat day, and my kitty Sadie (who is immortalized in the painting) meows thank you too! - www.rachelsstudio.com

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by Rachel! Your painting of Sadie is so gorgeous and reminds me of my sweet Cocoa boy. Beautiful work!

  8. It's so sad that in this day and age people still have superstitions about black cats. And I just recently learned about black dogs being less favorable. I guess it's just so silly to me so I consider all pets - no matter the color - equally important.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. Cocoa was beautiful and I love those black cat cookies but for sure would look very appealing after eating black icing! lol

  10. Wow, they're black beauties too! The photo collection is great too. I like that with the golden eye.

  11. I have always loved black cats but never owned one. We do have a small mostly-black dog who's been mistaken for a cat! Cocoa looks adorable.

  12. What a wonderful post! I love black cats and I know they are just as loving as any other cat. My house kitty Cindi Lou is almost identical to your Cocoa, she if fluffy black with just a touch of white on her chest. I also have Bandit who is a BW tuxie.

    I wish more people would take a closer look at the black kitties when they adopt.

  13. Wonderful post and very important. Also a nice memorial to Cocoa. I had a black cat named Magic. He was with me for 21 years. He was quite a guy. I'd love to have another black kitty. Love your pins ... Happy Pinning.

  14. RIP Cocoa - such a sweet looking cat. I love black cats, but have never owned one. The cats we've had have been mostly ginger and white and have chosen us as their family by simply turning up! Hopefully a black one will pick us soon :)

  15. Thanks friends for your nice comments and sweet remarks about my dearly departed Cocoa. Snap, you were so lucky to have Magic for all those years, and I love his name.

    For those of you who have never owned a black cat, please consider one the next time you are adopting a pet. Black dogs have a difficult time too, so don't forget them either.

    Happy Halloween Everyone!

  16. OK, I've just found my most favortie post EVER! Anyone who knows me will not be surprised I say that. I made a promise to myself the day that I adopted Punkie (my black cat) that I would always have a black cat. I love them! I almost had a second one but she got very sick and died :( My son just got one recently too. They are wonderful animals!

    I'll bet you can't tell that I love them so much by looking at my avi!


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