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Robert Frost

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Monday Favorites...

You know we have less than five weeks of summer left. Boo, Hiss, Boo!

Yes it is hard to believe that another summer is coming to and end and I still haven't done half of the things I wanted to do! So, if you are like me you will try and cram a bunch more summer into these next few weeks. Up north here the end of summer seems to come a bit sooner, more like right after Labor Day. Here are a few of my favorite photos to give you ideas and inspiration to get you going! If you can't get away to do these things for real, just take a little vacation in your brain while gazing at these pretty pictures! Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Look at some flowers. This soft pink sunflower is just lovely!

Try a new recipe with those summer squash. This casserole looks so delicious!

This recipe for squash and corn chowder had a bunch of pins. I wonder if anyone besides the person that took this picture has made it yet? Maybe you will!

I can not get enough berry recipes. I am crazy for them, blackberries and raspberries, yum!

I have some of these white phlox in my garden, as well as every other shade of pink and lavender you can think of. They have gotten a little out of control, but I love the fragrance and I cut huge armfuls and bring them in the house. My husband asks, "What's that smell?"

I did this the other day. It had been a long time since I had actually taken off my shoes and walked on the lawn. It felt amazingly good, I felt like a kid again!

The beach, aah that sad end of summer feeling. We don't all have beaches but go to the closest approximation be it a lake, swimming pool, or kiddie pool. Kick the kids and the dog out of there, it's your turn!

This is a peach sangria recipe. I think I will be making this next weekend!

Go for a swing. Isn't this a lovely picture. I was kind of thinking more t-shirt, tennis shoes, and shorts when I went searching for a picture of a swing. Just thought she looks so pretty there.... But if you happen by a nice swing in the park or on the edge of a forest like here, don't hesitate to jump on there like a kid and swing to your hearts content. Why should kid's have all the fun, it's the end of the summer and anything goes!



  1. Oh those were just some great summer pics,I love squash so that recipe is one I would like to try... I live in San Diego so the summer can go on and on...sometimes I wish for more cooler weather like more season changes...

  2. I'm with Sweetybird09---that squash dish looks just great! Yummy.

  3. Welcome to the home of *PicStory*! I´m glad you found us! Hope to see you soon :)
    Lovely photos! I like the berries and the last one most :) LG Tina

  4. So happy to connect! I loved your pictures and your blog was inspired us to see as much beautiful as possible in what summer has left to offer. Boo, hiss, boo is right! ;)

  5. P.S., I just tried to follow your blog, but wasn't able to. I'll check back because I love it. Not sure if the capability is just down right now....

  6. coming to follow back from FTLOB. I think that summer squash recipe looks so good along with the sangria recipe! :)

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments! So sorry if you can't follow. Try looking at the top of the blog towards the left side. There should be a follow link up there. ~~Diane

  8. That sunflower is so pretty. I have never seen a pink one before. I love the contrast of the dark center. If you make that peach sangria let us know how it turns out. It looks delish.

  9. Thank you for the follow! I couldn't write you back via email so just wanted to say hi!

  10. Yippee!!! I followed with success. Thanks! I'll be back again soon. Happy seeing beautiful!

  11. You found some lovely summer pics, I love the sunflower and the girl on the swing. The squash and corn recipes sounds delicious but I will save it for a cool autumn day.

    The peach sangria does sound good, let us know what you think of it.

    Thanks for the follow, I am now following you too!

  12. It was so nice to read such an uplifting post.

    I definitely want to try that squash recipe. It looks so yummy.

    Have a great week.

  13. Such an interesting mix of summer pictures. Love that summer squash and I'll be trying the peach sangria receipe. Of course, I love swings!


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