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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cute Vintage Things...

Here are a few Vintage items I would like to show you today. The first two are for sale and have been added to my shop. The bottom two are in my collection and not for sale at this time. Let me clarify that Etsy allows anything twenty years or older to be listed as Vintage. Some of my items are much older than that. I and many other Etsians have taken this pledge. It is noted in my welcome page on my Etsy shop.

Crave Cute has taken The Honest Vintage Pledge: Everything that I have tagged as vintage in my shop is at least twenty years old or older. I stake my reputation on it. I will never knowingly sell a fake or a repro knockoff to my customers. EVER. 

This is a really cute vintage lamp of Puss in Boots made by Lane and Co. It stands 10.5" tall and the base is 5" x 3.5". It is signed Lane and Co. Van Nuys CALIF USA c. 1961. The lamp is in good shape but it does have a chip on the back of the hat. It works but I would recommend having it rewired. There is no shade included with the lamp. Puss in Boots has been revived in the last few years by the recent movies including his new image. I still like this softer and more friendly version. I think he would be happy in either a girl or boy's room. Just find a cute small lampshade that doesn't overwhelm the figure. You might use this as a nightlight. Look for the nightlight bulb (7 watt) which will fit in the standard light socket and add a timer.

This is a beautiful vintage swan by Norcrest Japan. The swan measures about 5" tall and 8" long. It has a lovely blue iridescent glaze with silver trim on the eyes, bill and on the leaves and tips of the flower petals. There are no chips or cracks and it is in it's original condition. This swan is just over twenty years old and I have enjoyed it myself all of those years. I still love it but sometimes you just have to know when to let go!

This is a perfect little dish to hold wrapped candies or in the bath or bedroom holding a lovely scented potpourri. This would make a very elegant gift for someone special. I have almost talked my way out of selling it! I must be strong!

The next two pictures are two items that I am not selling because I still love them so much!

Darling Vintage Cat Lamp - she has no markings. A pink one on Etsy is priced at over a hundred dollars.

My Sweet Little Swan - no markings, perhaps Shawnee Pottery Company.

As you can tell, I really love vintage items. My recent finds are some vintage local cook books and I will eventually be getting them photographed to list in my shop. So much to do, so little time!

If any of you know any more about the white kitty and the little swan just above, please share in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!


  1. I LOL at your trying to be strong and NOT keep some of your treasures. I totally relate! I get attached to my thrift finds and it's hard to sell sometimes!

  2. Yes it is hard to say goodbye! LOL!


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