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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Paper Mache Tips...

Today I want to add a few more tips about making paper mache pulp. The recipes I posted yesterday are for the frugal crafter and use a minimal amount of purchased products. However, if you would like a smoother sculpture try the following.
Add about 2 cups of Instant Paper Mache Mix (available at art or craft stores) and a bit more water. Mix with your pulp base.

Soak one roll of white toilet paper, remove the cardboard core, pull the paper apart with your fingers. Squeeze out excess water and mix into your pulp base.

Feel free to add your tips in the comment section.

And there's more...
This has nothing to do with paper mache, it's just cute!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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  1. Sorry haven't been here for awhile. The tutorial looks good. Really like the kitty pic! :)Lil


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