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Robert Frost

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Val for passing on the One Lovely Blog Award to me. I am very pleased that you thought of my little blog.  Val has a Lovely Blog too, ValValVoom. Once awarded I am to share 7 wonderful things about me, and then pass on the award to 15 more lucky bloggers. So here goes.

1. I'm a romantic at heart and love the PBS movies like "Sense & Sensibility" or anything by Jane Austen.

2 .My favorite animals are cats but I love all animals. I am fortunate to live on a small lake and we are visited almost daily by ducks, geese, squirrels, assorted song birds, and rabbits. I have been lucky enough to see the following animals at least once since living here, red fox, coyote, mink, ground hog, turkey, and the most exciting - the bald eagle. Fabulous!

3. My favorite musicians  are Best Coast, Callers, Nina Persson, Dan Mangan, Kelli Scarr, Little & Ashley, The Love Language, Rosi Golan, Katie Herzig, Cafe Accordion Orchestra and many more.

4. I love to collect things and decorate and my style is a kind of English Cottage. I started decorating and rearranging my own room when I was six years old. My parents always wondered what I was doing in there! Then they would see the Christmas Tinsel Garland on the wall! My decorating has gotten much better!

5. My favorite colors are blue, pink and yellow. My least favorite color is orange, but I do love it in the autumn leaves, pumpkins or oranges! Just not in my house or garden!

6. I love my flower gardens and as you view my blog you will see many more of my favorite things as they come into bloom.

7. The changing seasons are something I look forward to every year. My husband and I lived in California for a few years and I dearly missed the winters. Now that I am older I really look forward to the nice winter get-aways to Florida!

I will be looking for the next 15 bloggers to pass on the award to and will be posting them here in a few days.

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  1. Interesting choice in music. I will have to check some of those out, Cafe Accordian? ;) Lil


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