“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Actually Do Work Sometimes...

If you haven't been to my blog before, the main reason it exists is to showcase some of my cute paper mache creations. I also am trying to get people to think about what they buy and why. I also want people to think about what goes into making things they buy. I have been guilty in the past of buying something because of the way it looked without much thought to where it came from. These days I think we should really reconsider the impulse buy. Since finding the Etsy site, I have been amazed at how many creative people there are. It is nice that they finally have a showcase for some of their incredible art. I tell people all the time that they should check Etsy for a piece of art work first, before buying some mass produced import. Often the Etsy handmade items are not much more expensive and you have an original fabulous work of art! I am a self-taught crafter and artist and I consider my pieces to be just fun little whimsies not really art. Maybe in my really old age I will finally be an artist.

 The other night on some TV Art show an "artist" had taken some drawings into a gallery for the curator to evaluate, she said "Anyone can call them self an artist, that doesn't mean they are a good artist." Right, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder too! So there! I like the following quote much better.

"Imagination is more important
            than knowledge."  Albert Einstein


Shampoo bottles
Alright, so I vote for imagination over knowledge for today anyway! I have plenty of imagination and that leads me finally to my little critters. I posted this picture a while back and you may have thought, huh?  What is she gonna make out of that?

Pulp Layer Added

With the addition of a bunch of paper pulp and sculpting, bottles became Bears! They need just a bit more paint and polish and then off to the the Etsy shop! Yes, I do work occasionally...

Three Bears but not "The Three Bears"

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