“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On.”
Robert Frost

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Christmas Past, Thanks for the Memories

Notice to all you good folk that have or may try to leave a comment. I have tried everything and I am unable to sign in to reply to your comments. I am very grateful for all of you that still visit my blog and want to thank you all for stopping in over the years. This situation with the comments is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how difficult it has become to post and comment on blogs. I've had a few blogs that I've been unable to leave comments on also.

For some time I have been thinking about closing my blog and I feel that this is the final straw, so to speak. I just don't have the energy or time to constantly try to figure out how to fix these type of issues. I checked in the blog help sections and find that many people are having the same problems. I really do think they are just trying to get rid of us free bloggers. 

So with some sadness but also relief, I feel this will probably be the last post you see from me. I'll keep my blog up for a few months but eventually it will all go away.  If I'm able, I'll stop in and visit your blog and comment if possible. Thanks from Diane and Guy!


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all that visit! I'm posting a bunch of pictures from my Blogger archive. These are some nice images from over the years. We have no snow this year so it is hard to get in the spirit of the season, but I'm doing my best.



No skating yet in our area as the lakes keep opening up and the ice is really thin. We have ducks and geese that have flown in from somewhere. They heard that my husband is a sucker for stray ducks so they are here for hand outs! We have a duck named Harvey who has been on our lake the past three years. We know Harvey because he injured his foot a few years ago and it withered to a stump. He still gets around well and even has a Mrs Harvey. My husband calls him and he hops up for his share of food in front of the others ducks. Harvey and his Mrs. have migrated and come back the last few years so we'll see if he shows up in the spring.

Guy Noir does not enjoy the snow as much as he did as a youngster. He's moving into his senior years now and still enjoys time outside but not so much in the cold and wet weather. I still enjoy the photo above where the tree captured a heart shape made by the snow. 

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas winter past photos. 

Best wishes to all of you! ~ Diane and Guy Noir

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Autumn Check In

 Yes I'm back. It's been a long time. Spring and Summer have gone and Autumn is in it's ultimate beauty. Below we have an image of Guy Noir relaxing in his camp chair on a warm fall day.


Autumn will be gone soon and Winter will be on the doorstep. Just want to let you know that if I don't post for ages it's probably just because life is getting in the way. Seems everything takes so long to accomplish now. I thought technology was supposed to make life easier and it has overall, but in some ways things are more difficult and frustrating. 

For example, I've been plagued with computer issues and internet issues for weeks going into months. Everyday brings a new challenge to overcome. Broken computers, impossible technology it goes on and on. I've use HP PC's for ages with a Windows interface and it seems that Microsoft wants us to be online and connected to them at all times. The computer manufacturers and MS have opted into having all sorts of things preloaded and enabled as soon as you turn on your PC and connect to the internet. One of the worst is something called OneDrive which is the Microsoft cloud storage. Another was BitLocker that was enabled on my PC. I finally figured out how to disable it. The terrible thing is, that if you have it enabled and get locked out of your PC without the passkey that you somehow were supposed to know to save, you are out of luck, you will never get back into that computer again. But I still fear with every update that MS will enable everything I have turned off. I am much more vigilant about backing up all my files to a separate hard drive now. 

It has taken me much anxiety and time to unravel all the things that have been done when I set up my new PC. They assume I want all of my personal information, pictures, documents... everything stored in the cloud somewhere. Well I do not want that! They didn't even ask! Worse I've read horror stories of people who deleted the information from the cloud and had no idea that it would also delete information on their own computers. Oh the Horror! 

Speaking of horror, it's almost Halloween! We have our candy ready for the little monsters. When I say we I mean my husband as he hands out the treats and I stay in the basement with Guy Noir, who is actually a big scaredy cat!


So anyway I'm sure all of you are tech savvy and think I'm just an old lady who complains a lot. Well you would be right. 

Take care everyone, if you don't hear from me again, I'm most likely fine. It's just my computer locked me out forever. 

Diane and Guy Noir