"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
The Fox from The Little Prince

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Earth Day 2015

Hello Mother Earth...


Two things always impress 
me when I go to the wilderness:
One is how I always discover something new there; 
the other is how glad I am there is still some wilderness to go to.

Time was in America when people went to an untouched spot in a forest or beside a river, or into a desert or up a mountainside or onto a wide, grass-covered prairie, and took along what they poetically called "a dream," which was the hope of building a home there, or a city, or a society.  
Too often that dream came true.....

Rachel Peden 
Speak to the Earth

Thank you Mother Earth for all that you give.
~~ Diane ~~

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Five AM Wake-up Call!

It's been awhile since I've been to any estate sales. Now that the weather is finally nice, my husband and I went to one last week. Up at 5 AM, making the coffee, feeding the cats, making myself look somewhat presentable and then gathering my estate sale shopping necessities. On the list... first of course, cash, flashlight, cloth bag and slip on booties, (sometimes they ask you to remove your shoes).

Then off we go. In this area we first get our preliminary numbers, this time they were in a plastic bag, taped to a car window in front of the house. We were there about an hour before the start of the sale, so after I picked up our numbers, we went to the local fast food place and had our breakfast and then returned to the house to get a parking place.

At the time the sale started, usually 8 AM, we exchanged our preliminary numbers for the real numbers. Then we lined up and waited. This keeps everything running in a somewhat orderly fashion, so there are no people knocked over getting through the door. Maybe the big box stores should use this method at the holidays?!!

After all of this, you just hope there is something inside that was worth all this rigamarole! When we got in my hubby ran to the garage to look for sailing and fishing stuff. I toured the upstairs and realized the prices were way too high. A bit discouraged I headed for the basement. Still kind of a dud sale, until I found two really cute items!!

The first item I found was a Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Pencil Case. It was in really good shape on the exterior. Sadly, only a couple of used crayons remained inside. The graphics are still in nice condition.


On the same table I found something I'd never seen before. At first it just looked like a long skinny box with cute graphics. When I opened it I was delighted with what I saw.

It is a darling miniature teacup and saucer set! The company Merry Manufacturing, made all sorts of these items. I found several different types on Pinterest and they are all adorable.

Both of these items are for sale in my Etsy Shop, CraveCute. Update! While I was posting this my phone went Ca-Ching! I have an app on my smartphone that makes the sound when I get a sale. The Tea Set has already sold! Guess I should have priced it higher!! Haha!

Even though most of these estate sales post pictures on the internet, you still never really know until you get there what interesting things you will find. I often go thinking I will buy one thing, and end up finding something else completely different and completely adorable!

Thus begins the spring shopping season for me! Fresh air, warm breezes and Flea Markets and Estate Sales!

Thanks for being here!
~~ Diane ~~