"In Autumn now the hills there are mounds of pink, russet, gold, scarlet, and brown, with enough green left to make the splendor bearable. Every bush and tree in those waiting, little places offers its individual poetry of color and shape." from Speak to the Earth

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello! I'd like you to meet my favorite Scarecrow, Miss Gertrude the Garden Goddess!  She is my favorite creation that I found at our Arboretum.  The place was all decked out with all sorts of spooky things and pumpkins every where!

The pumpkin house was really cute and the kids (big and little) loved it!

These Wizard of Oz scarecrows were just downright weird and alien looking!

The day couldn't have been more perfect!  Gorgeous blue skies, with no clouds in sight. It was really a gift!

I loved this scarecrow too! A Crow Scarecrow!! Amazing!

This had to be the spookiest scarecrow of all!  Wouldn't want to meet him in the dark!

There were Gardener scarecrows........

And there were scarecrows that were just unusual!

Goofy scarecrows......

Ethereal scarecrows......

Even the sculptures got into the act with some pumpkins... sorry I can't remember the name of these gals... Now I'm going to shut up and let you enjoy the photos and the spooky music.  If you don't like a particular selection, just go up to the Soundcloud widget and click on down the selections for something else.

Hope you enjoyed your virtual visit almost as much as I enjoyed my real one!

Happy Halloween to be!!

~~~ Diane ~~~

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Black Cat Awareness Month

 I couldn't let October pass without talking about ...

The Black Cat

Humane association workers say black cats still encounter a certain amount of discrimination in the world, and many arrive every year at pet adoption centers because someone didn't want a black cat around the house. Luckily this perception is changing and black cats are now regularly finding good loving homes across America.

 My very own adopted black cat, Guy Noir.

 Guy posing as a black lion, perhaps?

 Stalking...... and that's why he wears a harness, collar and leash!

Black cats have been stereotyped for centuries. The "Halloween" hissing black cat with the familiar arched-back was the standard for those images. However, times are changing and most of the superstitions have fallen away.  Many black cats enjoy their time with a loving family and are no longer considered scarey.

Black cats and dogs are still some of the last animals adopted.  If you find that you are going to be adding a cat or dog to your family in the future, please consider a black one.  Please share any stories you have about your own black cat! 
~~ Diane and Guy ~~

Next time I'll be sharing more photos of autumn leaves and some scarecrows that I saw at my recent visit to our arboretum!