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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Craving Warm

You know that I crave cute stuff, but after this week, I'm craving warm more than anything else. I'm not alone, most of the country is in the deep freeze and it's only November! Why are we having January weather so soon? Oh that's right, it's climate change. We never really thought it would happen, but voila, here it is. We're not debating that here today though, we're just here to warm our frozen fingers and toes.

Gather near my virtual fire and gaze upon these warm and cuddly images.....


M O S E S - хозяин

Cozy Christmas Pictures - Cozy Decorating Ideas - Country Living

The essence of coziness...yessss!!!

Fall table decor

Cozy Christmas Pictures - Cozy Decorating Ideas - Country Living

Fall Candles

#3 How an autumn day makes me feel - ready to cozy up with a book by the fire..
#winter rachelhannah92: Happy vibes & love ✯☽ | Endless Winter 01

Fall table

November is the month of Thankfulness, and I am truly thankful for my warm friends, family, home and kitties. Thank you all for visiting me today. I hope wherever you are, you're staying warm and cozy!
~~~~ Diane ~~~~

Friday, November 7, 2014

November Is

November is our cloudiest month here in Minnesota, the weather man told us that the other day. And as if on cue the sun has departed and a veil of clouds has been hanging over us all week.

So what is one to do? Well, one starts to go through their checklist of things that should be done before the winter sets in.

Bring in plants, clean up yard and garden, take cats to vet, take self for dental appointment, get flu shot, etc. All of these things are now done before the Polar Vortex descends upon us once again. Oh yes it will be here sometime this weekend.

I decided to get my flu shot today so that I can curl up with my blanket and cats for a day until I feel better again. For some reason the shot always makes me feel a bit off for a day or two.  What better time to lay low while the Polar Vortex whirls in. I don't know about you, but I am really not ready for cold weather again so soon. Actually we have been pretty lucky, our October was very nice.

My office has been getting another going over since I am busy here working in my Etsy shop, listing more items. My goal was at least one item a day! Haha! Well we try!  I came across a book entitled "Music Through the Year", it is a teacher's edition published in 1959. The music itself is nothing outstanding, but I love the illustrations and find them quite charming.  I hope you enjoy some of the excerpts from the book below.

When the Robin's gone to Sleep
When the Moon is Bright
Then a Lovely Bird I Hear
Singing in the Night

Is the Nightingale a Bird
Far away from Sight
Or a Lovely Angel-Dream
Singing in the night?

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be visiting you all soon!
~~ Diane ~~