"The fairy poet takes a sheet of moonbeam, silver white; His ink is dew from daisies sweet, his pen a point of light." ~ Joyce Kilmer

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chipmunk Invasion

Last I left you, my kitty Guy was afflicted with Chipmunk Fever. Well that hasn't changed.

What has changed is that now we have a full blown case of ...

 Chipmunk Invasion!!!

First off here is a cute little book about those darling fantasy chipmunks, the ones that only exist in children's books! Chip Chip is available in my shop.

Chippy being cute....

Chippy being smart....and naughty....

But of course it always come down to the Chippsters getting into some kind of ----- TROUBLE!

Take a look at the photos below....... A couple of weeks ago whilst I was taking something out to the garage to throw into the recycling bin, I saw a furry chipmunk scamper off behind a box. I opened the overhead garage door and thought I must have chased him out.


I didn't notice till a few days later ---- this!! I'm not sure if the hole was chewed trying to get out or trying to get in! Not only did they chew the door, they scratched away the cement floor! Anyway, now they come and go at will.

The photo above is a close up of where they chewed on the garage door.

The photo below shows how they are excavating a tunnel outside under the driveway!! 

They are moving into our garage for the winter! Guess they think I owe them for putting up with Guy all summer! Really I only had to pry them out of his mouth a couple of times (and they ran off). Usually he just sat on them (and then they ran off). Anyway, I'm leaving this up to my hubby to fix. He said something about patching the hole with metal....

Other than this and hot weather, cold weather, endless houseguests and flea market/estate sales, I have made some progress in my office and shop. I'll be back with more fun finds soon. 

Glad to be back in Blog Land, I've missed you all.  Expect a visit soon!

~~~~~~ Diane, Dot and Guy! ~~~~~~

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Barefoot Days

Hello friends! I know I have been in and out of blog land for a few weeks now.  I am trying to find time to enjoy all of the beautiful joys of summer while I can.  In this part of the country our summers are fleeting and will be just a memory in a few short weeks!

I hope you took a moment to read the poem above, it is from my favorite vintage book Poems for Boys and Girls, illustrated by Lois Maloy.  I think the poem Barefoot Days above, sums up my thoughts about this full and lush season, even the roses, which are beyond beautiful, are adorned with bees!

I thought I would share a few garden pictures with you today. My daylilies are really starting to take off!  The one above is a favorite called Orchid Corsage.

This peachy-pink one is called Pink Monday. I am happy to report that this year our bees have been returning and I've even seen a few more honeybees mixed in with the dependable bumblebees!

If you look closely in the middle of the image, you will see a small bumblebee on this vervain plant.

The vervain (tall plants in back) and catmint (forground) are loving the abundant rain we've had.  The bees have been covering them for weeks now!

 Another of my favorite day-lilies called appropriately, Summer Wine!

This is another favorite (OK they are all my favorites), called Lemon Custard! I love the color and the frilly ruffled edges.

A blue clematis adorns a trellis next to the house. I've forgotten the name of this one.

This daylily is called Grape Ripples and has stunning dark purple blooms! Well that is the end of my garden tour, except for an update on my two year old cat, Guy Noir.

Guy has become afflicted with a condition I'm sure many of you who have dogs and cats have heard of. 

It is called
 Chipmunk Fever!

Symptoms may include: Inability to focus on anything other than chipmunks, severe agitation, yowling at the door to go outside, ears twirling in various directions while listening for chipmunks, unable to eat or sleep without thinking of chipmunks, thinking that any moving object is a chipmunk. Unable to sit still for photographs and of course.....
Dreaming of chipmunks....

Pleas share any anecdotes you have of your encounters with chipmunks in the comment section!! I would love to hear them.

I will be taking a few weeks off from blog land to enjoy the summer and take care of some projects, but if I have time I will stop in and visit.  I will be trying to organize my disaster of an office and get all sorts of goodies photographed and ready to list in my Etsy shop.
And remember this summer to go out early in the morning, barefoot where the ferns grow curly, to feel the cool grass between your toes!!