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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Visiting Noerenberg Gardens

As promised, here is my post on the lovely Noerenberg Gardens.  I visited a couple of weeks ago.  It was one of those perfect evenings, just a whisper of a breeze, warm but low humidity. It's one of those days where I'm so happy to live here in Minnesota and it makes the winters easier to get through!

This was an impromptu visit, so all I had with me was my Galaxy phone.  Some photos were cropped down, but others I left as is because they show the true beauty of the garden design.

The garden starts with winding paved paths that take you around a circular garden.  The center is grass with beautiful flowers and shrubs surrounding it.  The large white flowering shrub is a variety of PG hydrangea. Unlike the southern hydrangeas, it doesn't die back to the ground in the winter and still blooms in our northern climate.

Noerenberg Memorial Gardens is known for its tranquility and spectacular beauty. Situated along the shore of Crystal Bay on Lake Minnetonka, Noerenberg is widely regarded as one of the finest formal gardens in Minnesota. Among its blend of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, and vines the garden features ornamental shade trees and a stand of conifers, an extensive day lily collection, and "Northern Lights" azaleas.

 A close-up of some purple coneflowers...

Cultivated and native plants grow together in several of the flower beds.  The bright pink flower in the photo above is called Swamp Smartweed and is growing next to our lake shore at home. It actually can have its feet in water for a considerable amount of time. This makes it an ideal plant for a rain garden.

 Some lovely Russian Sage in front of a PG Hyrdrangea shrub...

I thought this was an especially pretty combination, white cone-flowers, pale pink nicotiana and some unknown grasses and bright pink flowers...

 Blue Love in a Mist...

A lovely trellis/pergola with gorgeous flowers planted on each side. 

And now for a bit of history...
Grain Belt Brewery founder Frederick Noerenberg and his family built their estate on the shore of Lake Minnetonka in 1890. Influenced by English Landscape Style, the property featured tiered rose beds and impeccably manicured lawns. As world travelers with an appreciation for natural artifacts, the family accumulated an assortment of natural specimens that appeared in the garden, including a collection of trees, plant materials and rocks.

On the opposite side of the garden you can see the gazebo 
which sits right on the edge of Lake Minnetonka.

 The columns mark the site where the original home stood.

 My husband and brother in-law relax and take in the view from the gazebo.

The gazebo has a somewhat Asian flair.  The design was 
influenced by the owners extensive travel abroad. 

 A few lake views from the gazebo...

Lora Noerenberg Hoppe, one of the five Noerenberg children, acted as chief horticulturist on the gardens for a number of years. She bequeathed the estate to the Park District when she passed away in 1972. At her direction, the home was razed and the estate was transformed to a garden for the public’s enjoyment. 

This has to be one of the most spectacular public gardens I have ever visited.
I hope you enjoyed your tour!  

Next time I think we need to get back to some cute vintage. 
I'll be seeing you all soon!

history source 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Can be a Pain in the ....

Face it... none of us is getting any younger and try as we might to stop the aging process, so far few have made much headway in that direction. I try not to grumble too much about getting older but now I'm starting to understand what my parents and grandparents were talking about!

Things just get a bit harder to do as the years go by. Unfortunately sometimes we are the last to know it! That was my situation when after a heavy thunderstorm with high winds, a few of our trees branches were literally twisted off of the tree and thrown into the neighbors yard, and I decided to jump into action! I mean, why not, I've always done this sort of thing over the years...


Feeling that this was my responsibility because the hubs was away on business for a few days, I decided to drag the branches back into our yard.  I figured I could do that much as he would handle most of the sawing, cutting up and hauling them away.

There were about four larger branches that fell in the neighbors yard.  I surveyed the damage and put on my heavy garden gloves and started dragging the branches back into our yard. They were all about 4 to 5 inches in diameter at the thickest part.  I handled the easiest ones first.

This tree branch kicked my butt!

In the photo above the branch had come down between three 5 foot tall arborvitae trees and I knew it might be tough to get it out. Even though this was on our property I figured that I'd gotten the others out that I could get this one moved too. I was painfully wrong! As I was bending over and pulling on the broken end of this tree branch with all my might, I felt and I think I also heard a strange kind of kerplunk and a ripping sound. For that one moment I'm thinking, "Did I rip my pants?" I wish! 

I quickly and painfully realized that something was terribly wrong with my gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle, gluteus minimus muscle, tensor fasciae latae, also known as buttox muscle! Who knew there were so many muscles in our rear ends, I only found this by Googling how to best treat a pulled butt muscle.  Anyway on with my story.... and it's OK if you are laughing right now, I get it!  Now that I'm feeling almost back to normal, it is pretty funny...

After the weird sound, it was the pain that clued me in. After a few choice words I retreated to the house, at least I could still walk! Anyway after the major pain subsided I figured I was going to live.  So I popped a couple of Aleve pills and lay face down on the bed till they worked their magic.  I decided to Google my symptoms to see what I might have done to myself and that's when I found all you ever need to know about how to take care of a pulled or torn glute muscle.

Well it's been almost two weeks and my right butt cheek muscle is feeling better, but I must get up and walk around every 15 minutes, so needless to say, I haven't' been sitting at my computer that much lately! This is my excuse for not getting around to your blogs, so you can let me have it. I'm ready for all your jokes.  Bye the way, feel free to use this story if you ever need an excuse to get out of work etc....

In light of all the horrible things that have happened around the world and right in my own state, sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves and realize that our own problems are still not that bad!

So I'm ready! What do you have to say?